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(well, voted by Diana) I had one prerogative for my trip to the Carmel area. Not to spot Arnold Schwarzenegger perusing the scene at the Concours d’Elegance car show nor to snag a cute car aficionado’s phone number for my depleted collection, but to get and eat a brownie from Carmel Bakery.   A colleague and I stumbled upon the Carmel landmark that has been open since 1906, two years ago when we looking for a place to grab lunch in town. After gorging on pancakes and eggs at a local cafe, we went back to the bakery to order some of their

Come join us for fist pumping, good food and wine for the Jersey Shore Season Finale on October 21st between 8 and 11pm. Our tears will unite into one salty hot-tub of love that Snooki and The Situation will soak with us in. Alright, guido and guidettes, remember, to avoid a cover charge arrive wearing your best Jersey Shore fashion! Thursday, Oct 21 @ 8pm-11pm (Show airs at 10pm) Vino Napoli (next door to Little Napoli Bistro Italiano) Dolores St & 7th Ave Carmel-by-the-Sea 831.626.2032

With visiting Chef Liza Shaw of A16 and Chef Arturo D. Moscoso of Pèppoli     Ciao Amici (hello friends), Our Under the Tuscan Moon dinner series continues at Pèppoli at Pebble Beach on October 8, 2010. Visiting chef Liza Shaw of the legendary A16 in San Francisco and Pèppoli chef Arturo Moscoso will each prepare two original dishes in the four-course prix fix dinner for you to choose from. As most of you know, Pèppoli at Pebble Beach is our Tuscan themed restaurant that was inspired by the Antinori family's Pèppoli Vineyard in Tuscany. The restaurant features world-class Antinori wines paired with

Ciao Amici (hello friends), Mr. Italy is here to explain the Italian tradition of the "aperitivo". Stopping off at the local wine bar for a glass of prosecco or Italian cocktail after work is the perfect way to end your day, or begin your evening by meeting up with friends to get the night started. I also want to introduce my cousin Kristine Jannuzzi as a contributing writer for ASK MR ITALY. Our Pèpe ancestors came "over on the boat" from Avellino and landed in Hoboken, New Jersey. As Italian-Americans, Kristine and I are proud of our heritage, travel to Italy often, and

When Marchese Peiro Antinori—on a trip to Carmel three years ago from his vineyards in Tuscany to attend the Maters of Food and Wine at Highlands Inn—expressed a desire to dine with his best California Customer, his wine distributor told him, “Then you’ll want to have dinner with Richard Pèpe of Carmel-by-the-Sea." It turned out to be an historic meeting between the renowned Italian vintner and the Carmel restaurateur. Since that time, Pepe—owner of Little Napoli—has flown back and froth across the Atlantic, hatching culinary plots with Italy’s most famous winemaker whose family vineyard holdings date back to 1385. What began as

What higher compliment can Italy’s greatest vintner pay to the sun and soil of California’s vineyards than to purchaser and plant 600 acres to Cabernet Sauvignon high above the Napa Valley and to vinify the grapes for his Atlas peak label under the name of “Consenso”? The Italian winemaster, Marquese Piero Antinori—who is referred to in Hugh Johnson’s “Encyclopedia of Wine” as “the voice of Italy in world wine circles”—told The Pine Cone this week, “I’m in love with that property!” Comparing his Napa Valley vineyard to similar vineyards he owns in Tuscany, the marquese said the Atlas peak property is hilly

Many months ago, I received an email from my father asking if I knew some guy named Rich Pepe. “Sure, I’ve met him,” I said. “Mr. Italy, right? I believe we were both judges for the Monterey County wine Challenge.” Turns out, my father went to the same high school as Pepe in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, and a mutual friend of theirs (Nick Giarra, Class of 65) had just returned from a trip to Carmel to visit Mr. Italy himself. Of course, I’ve yet to cross paths with Pepe since this miraculous discovery, but the man has inadvertently won

Restaurateur Rich Pepe will get “beat up for charity,” at a celebrity boxing match in the Hyatt Regency Monterey Saturday, April 11. “A few months ago, famed boxing trainer Max Garcia asked if I would jump into the ring and be one of the celebrity boxers at his fundraiser,” Pepe explained. “Before I had time to think, I said ‘Yes,’ and then wondered what I just gotten myself into!” But he didn’t back out, and took to training with Garcia, who with his wife, Kathy, owns a boxing gym in Salinas. The Garcias are dedicated supporters of the Kinship Center, which helps abused

You’ve got some splainin to do! By Kelly Nix CARMEL RESTAURANTER Rich Pepe can chuckle now. But falling noggin-first, Buster Keaton-style into a 6-foot-by 6-foot vat of zinfandel isn’t so funny. Well, maybe a little. “I’m in this soup of juice and grapes and skins and I’m half dizzy,” said Pepe, owner/chef of Little Napoli restaurant in Carmel. “I hit my head and shoulder, and everybody is laughing, and I’m like, ‘Ouch!’” He also fractured his elbow. Pepe’s tumble happened as he and 15 of his friends were in the process of making wine for “personal use” at a Carmel Valley home Oct.

Our World Traditions Meet New Jersey-Style Italian At Napoli In Carmel For Italians, the center of family life occurs around the dinner table, where warm, lively conservation enhances the flavor of soulful, hearty food. Carmel’s Caffé Napoli adopts each diner into an oversized Italian American clan—arrive here and it’s suddenly Sunday dinner in South Jersey. The senses come alive in concert—the smell of grated hard cheese and tomatoes, the sight of animated, arm-waving dialogue, the sounds of silverware gnashing and Sinatra’s dulcet tones as a calming undercurrent. This is the way it was meant to be, the way it was for chef-owner