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Fresh fodder from a trio of culinary pillars. By Mark C. Anderson Thursday, March 31, 2011 I’ve watched Carmel icon Rich Pepe – he of Peppoli and Little Napoli fame – trade punches with a pro boxer a fraction of his age and earn the keys to Hoboken, N.J., from the mayor, but I’ve never seen him quite this excited. He was touring me through his newest project, Vesuvio Bistro Italiano in the former Piatti, last week. Maybe he was stoked because the place, as he said, “is beginning to look like a restaurant and not a

Joey Pantoliano, (aka Joey Pants), is working on his new documentary called No Kidding Me Too. It is his intimate look at his mental disease and how he breaks down the walls of perception and ignorance. Joey's upcoming book that he is working on-also the point here is because he is dyslexic he is doing a special audio book on that he wants to shed light on and the element of learning to read through this mode of literature. He has also started a new pasta line with his business partner Rich Pepe called Pepe and Pants which they are

As seen in the legendary cookbook by Mary Chamberlin INGREDIENTS (serves 6) In a large old fashioned pour-spout coffee pot, combine all ingredients and cook over low flame campfire for 2 hours. 5 cups water, chicken stock, or meat broth (or any combination of the above) Note: add some beer, port wine or a shot of whisky for added authenticity 1 shot of espresso, or a teaspoon of instant coffee 2 pounds stew meat and/or poultry (any combination of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, rabbit or game can be used) Note: meats need to be cut into 1-inch cubes, and poultry or rabbit cut in quarter sections 2 tablespoons butter 2

  Some say it is the subject that makes the picture. Others believe it is the story told by the photographer. Yet for young stringers in the '70s, whether it was a celebrity sighting, a prize fight or the president, they got paid $15 a photo and just hoped they got the shot. Mostly, these independent photographers, working on contract for the Associated Press, hoped to add up enough images by the end of the month to make rent. Back then, Randy Tunnell was young, skilled and willing to take $15 for any gig that would put him at the scene. It

Published: Thursday, November 18, 2010, 7:50 AM     Updated: Thursday, November 18, 2010, 8:33 AM HOBOKEN - Two native sons of the Mile Square City will be honored next month at the 13th Annual Hoboken Boys & Girls Club fundraiser. Childhood friends who grew up in Hoboken - Joe Pantoliano, an Emmy-award winning actor, and Rich Pepe, a chef and restaurateur on the West Coast - will be awarded Keys to the City by Mayor Dawn Zimmer for their respective families' contributions to the city for three generations. The duo, known as "Pepe

More from The-World-Is-Rich-Pepe's-Restaurant-and-We're-Just-Dining-In-It file: The man behind Little Napoli, Peppoli at Pebble Beach and much more has another gangbuster Italian concept already in place for the Piatti space at Sixth and Junipero: Vesuvio. The plan is to take the so-called "Mediterranean diet" to Mount Vesuvious-type heights. Think mouthwatering Italian olive oils, grains, beans, and fresh fish, with all the Southern Italy wines. "I'm so excited about the opportunity to showcase my Southern Italian family and also revitalize that part of Carmel with some new energy, " Pepe says. Vesuvio erupts in spring 2011. By Mark C. Anderson Reprinted from Monterey County Weekly, Nov 11-17,

Ciao Amici (hello friends), I'm honored to announce that on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Joey and I have been invited to cook dinner in New Jersey for the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club for their annual fundraising party "An Evening with Two Guys from Hoboken”. While that's exciting on its own, we've just learned the Mayor of Hoboken will be presenting us with the Keys to the City! As you may know, our families emigrated from Italy through Ellis Island over a hundred years ago, settling in Hoboken, New Jersey. It was there that Joey and I

Congratulations ERIN ARNESE - WINNER! You are crowned "The Next Negroni" and win dinner for 4 at little Napoli in Carmel-by-the-Sea.   October 29, 2010, Erin entered the following cocktail recipe. "Sevencello" 1 oz vodka 1 oz lemoncello 2 oz 7-up (or any lemon lime soda) 2 oz fresh lemonade Sliced lemons for garnish Fresh mint for garnish Add 7-up last. Stir all ingredients lightly to preserve the bubbles.

  WINNER ANNOUNCED! Click here to see the winner.   Winner receives dinner for 4 at Little Napoli (and the cocktail named after them at Vesuvio Restaurant in Carmel) We're looking to discover a new cocktail, and name it after the creator. Want to be the next Negroni? All you have to do is send us a new and original cocktail recipe, AND include a video of you making it. (or at least some cool photos). Submit it to us below in the comments section, via email, or on Facebook. Winner will receive a dinner for 4 at Little Napoli, and we'll feature the