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October 2009

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On Friday, April 25th, it is time for our 3rd Annual Run/Walk on Carmel Beach with Jeff Galloway. Runner, walker, trainer, author, motivational speaker, race director and former Olympian…there may not be a stronger voice in the world of running & fitness today than Jeff Galloway. Jeff has developed a Run/Walk Program, which is designed so everyone goes at their own pace and accomplishes their own goals. Jeff has completed over 120 marathons and competed in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Little Napoli, my restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea, is a BRONZE LEVEL SPONSOR of the Big Sur Marathon, and this event coincides with

My dad, Johnny Pepe, and Frank Sinatra grew up together in Hoboken, NJ.  Back in the 20's and  early 30's the best place to hang around (if you wanted to stay out of trouble) was the Hoboken YMCA.  My dad wrestled on the team there, and Frank on occasion would  put on the gloves.  Frank's father fought professionally under the name of Marty O'Brien, but Frank soon realized he'd make a better singer than a fighter, and the rest is history! Frank Trivia: Frank was an only child and his mom and dad worked quite a lot.  Frank was never alone though,

  Community role models don't come any better than Kathy and Max Garcia. Owners and operators of Salinas-based Garcia Boxing, the husband-and-wife team runs a successful business and uses their success to reach out to help young people in the community. "Kids need to develop good character, good morals and healthy habits early," says Kathy. "Why wouldn't we want to provide that opportunity where we can?" Garcia Boxing has become one of the most respected boxing organizations in California and has generated a winning style in the ring and in the community. The training and national success of boxer Jose Celaya in

  Italians have gained great notoriety and fame in the boxing ring. In fact, three of the most famous boxing movies were biographies of Italians: Rocky Graziano (Somebody Up There Likes Me), Jake LaMotta (Raging Bull), and Rocky Balboa (Rocky). OK, that last one was fiction, but here is a short list of famous paisanos who held world championships. Rocky Marciano Primo Carnera Tony Galento Rocky Graziano Jake LaMotta Carmen Basilio Nino  Benvenuti Jimmy "White" Amato Marty Servo Tony DeMarco Ray Mancini Arturo Gatti Willie Pep The Greatest of them all! Rocky Marciano (September 1, 1923 - August 31, 1969), was the heavyweight champion of the world from 1952 to 1956. Marciano, 49-0 with forty-three

Hello Friends, On April 11, Garcia Boxing hosted its second annual "Celebrity Boxing for Charity" at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey, benefiting the Kinship Center of Salinas. Famed boxing trainer Max Garcia asked if I would jump into the ring and be one of the celebrity boxers at his fundraiser. Before I had time to think I had said yes, and then wondered what I just got my self into! But Max agreed to train me at his gym in Salinas and I'm happy to report I am actually beginning to get into shape and learn a little about boxing. To be

At Pèppoli, chef Angela Tamura is passionate about the use of the highest quality ingredients available.  She shops as locally as possible, and often uses organically grown ingredients.  Also, the finest Italian imported products are used to create our own one of the finest representations of Italian food in America. To learn more about the Peppoli Vineyard and view the dinner menu at Peppoli at Pebble Beach, please click here.   Each year, I import exclusively for Pèppoli and Little Napoli in Carmel the wonderful olives oils from our partner Piero Antinori. The Antinori family does not send any of their olive oils

Glenn Salva has been responsible for all winegrowing activities for ANTICA NAPA VALLEY, the Antinori Family’s Napa Valley, California wine estate since 2002. Antica Napa Valley, with a perfectly harmonious blend of Tuscan and Californian styles in its DNA. “Antica” is a symbol for Antinori California and represents the realization of a long-standing desire to produce great Antinori Family wines in the Napa Valley. The first wines, a 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2006 Chardonnay, were released last year to rave reviews and high scores. In addition to his Napa Valley responsibilities, Glenn also provides assistance to other Antinori wine

Joey Pants Growing up with Joey Pants was always interesting to say the least. Joey would play “hooky” from school so he could go into Manhattan to take acting classes. We called him Joe Hollywood in those days as he always said he was headed to the West Coast to be in the movies. From playing Guido the Killer Pimp in Risky Business, to Francis Fratelli in The Goonies, to Cypher in The Matrix, to his Emmy Award winning role of Ralphie in the SOPRANOS, Joey has made us all proud. To check out more about Joey, log onto:

Two guys from Jersey, The Story of Pèpe & Pants Back in their childhood days in the 50’s in Hoboken, Richie Pepe and Joey Pantoliano would sit around the kitchen table with their big Italian families. Over a bowl of macaroni, they’d always be trying to figure ways to get rich and “live the American dream” their immigrant grandparents sought when they came to America from Southern Italy.

The Martha Stewart Show Featuring Joey Pantoliano cooking with PÈPE & PANTS Pasta Sauce Cari Amici (Dear Friends), As you all may know, I am always working on a lot of new ideas in my laboratorio (kitchen laboratory). Of course, all of my “brainstorms” are food and wine related, so this newsletter may come as no surprise. Over the years at Little Napoli, my Italian Bistro in Carmel-by-the-Sea, many guests have asked if I could sell or ship our pasta sauces to them. Well, as I’ve always said “it is important to listen to your customers” and recently I am in the act

  Pèpe expands his 'cottage' industry Restaurateur/entrepreneur opens wine bar next to iconic Little Napoli in Carmel Growing up Italian in New Jersey, Rich Pèpe spent many Sundays sitting in church, followed by another family religion of sorts — sitting around a large dinner table passing bowls of bolognese and colorful stories of the day. Pèpe turned those carefree, convivial memories into a cottage industry in Carmel and beyond. He's a baker, a chef, a restaurateur, a winemaker, an entrepreneur and all-around culinary bon vivant. What Pèpe and his wife Sandra started in the late 1980s with ownership of Wishart's Bakery in Carmel is