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Chef Pèpe

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Two guys from Jersey


Back in their childhood days in the 50’s in Hoboken, Richie Pepe and Joey Pantoliano would sit around the kitchen table with their big Italian families. Over a bowl of macaroni, they’d always be trying to figure ways to get rich and “live the American dream” their immigrant grandparents sought when they came to America from Southern Italy.

During high school Pèpe worked at the bakery down the street and Joey took acting classes on the side. Over the years, they tried many attempts to make an extra buck. Until one day, again over a bowl of macaroni, they realized the one thing they do well is to make a great sauce.

So here we are 40 years later, offering you our family recipes that came over “on the boat” with our grandparents. Buy our sauce and help us “live the American dream, we’re not getting any younger!”

That’s a nice,

Pèpe & Pants