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Joey’s Page

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Joey’s Page

Dear Friends,

The links below are a melange of articles, stories, information and ideas that I found enjoy perusing them as much as I enjoy compiling them.

La Bella Pazza,

Posted 2/11/10 – The Washington Post » Revision to the bible of psychiatry, DSM, could introduce new mental disorders

Posted 12/15/09 – Minds On The Edge » Joey Pants is a fan of this PBS program..

Posted 11/15/09 – Dual Diagnosis Anonymous of Oregon Inc.
Posted 9/30/09 – ON LISTENING (by Ralph Roughton) (PDF)
Posted 6/22/09 – River View Observer » Joe Pantoliano Fights His Demons…

Posted 5/4/09 – Reviews of movies from Roger Ebert’s Film Festival
Posted 5/4/09 – A “Speakout” essay I appreciated
Posted 4/27/09 – Link to an article on the NY Times website
Posted 4/27/09 – Link to an article on the National Council website
Posted 4/19/09 – A letter I received from an NKM2 Documentary viewer
Posted 4/15/09 – A note I received after a screening of the NKM2 Documentary

Posted 3/23/09 – A poem I received at the NAMI walk-a-thon in Naples, FL
Posted 3/2/09 – Link to a YouTube video I found humorous
Posted 2/21/09 – Reviews of some of the Oscar movies
Posted 2/19/09 – An article from the 2/17 issue of Congressional Quarterly
Posted 1/2/09 – Music reviews
Posted 12/21/08 – Recent movie reviews
Posted 11/19/08 – Best films of all time
Posted 10/30/08 – Early fall movie reviews
Posted 10/2/08 – A note handed to one of our “Friends”
Posted 9/10/08 – A young adult celebrity interviewer
Posted 8/30/08 – A Trailer of the NKM2 Documentary!!
Posted 8/10/08 – Short summer movie reviews
Posted 7/24/08 – A letter from Congressman Pete Stark
Posted 7/24/08 – An article in The Hill on my latest trip to Washington, DC
Posted 7/14/08 – Info about the No Kidding, Me Too documentary (PDF)
Posted 7/9/08 – My cover story in the June/July 2008 Health Monitor
Posted 6/11/08 – Article on my trip to Louisville
Posted 6/4/08 – “The” article on my trip to Washington, D.C.
Posted6/1/08 – A special picture
Posted 5/20/08 – My favorite movie critic – most recent update 11/19/08
Posted 5/1/08 – Email
Posted 4/21/08 – Email
Posted 4/1/08 – Miscellaneous Quotes
Posted 4/1/08 – NY Times article titled “Tracking a Marine Lost at Home
Posted 4/1/08 – NY Times article titled “The Murky Politics of Mind-Body