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Vesuvio, Trattoria-Bar-Pizzeria


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Vesuvio is the symbol of power and strength of Southern Italy. It is the volcano (Mt. Vesuvius) which overlooks the bay of Naples and erupted in 79AD burying Pompeii. Naples (Napoli) was the ancient port for Rome during the Roman Empire, and this region was the playground for the rich, famous and powerful of that era.

Pèpe’s family is originally from this region, known as Campania. Vesuvio will be a modern day testament to the history, style, culture and cuisine of Campania.

Growing up in New Jersey, but traveling back to visit his relatives in Campania often, Pèpe always noticed the differences between the cooking styles of his cousins on both sides of the Atlantic. While Little Napoli focuses on his Italian-American heritage, Vesuvio will feature recipes from his cousins and great-aunts in Southern Italy.

At Vesuvio, chef Pèpe’s culinary style will take the so called “Mediterranean Diet” to the next level. It is thought that the diet among Mediterranean countries is healthier than the Northern European and American diet because, in addition to olive oil, more grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and fresh fish are consumed. The ingredients used at Vesuvio will often be imported from Italy, or made in house, and always of top quality. Pèpe will call his cooking style at Vesuvio the “Italian Lifestyle Diet”.

Both of Pepe’s sons, Christian and Gian Antonio, were an integral part of the creation of  Vesuvio and both are certified “pizzaioli”, having graduated from the VPN Pizza School in Napoli, and Vesuvio features an authentic Italian wood-burning oven.

The wine list at Vesuvio will be comprised of wines from Southern Italy and selected California regions.  These carefully chosen wines will pair perfectly with the traditional food flavors of the south. Wineries such as Mastroberardino from Campania, Tormaresca from Puglia and Planeta from Sicily will be featured.

Vesuvio features two bars, one adjacent to the main dining room, and the other on the rooftop terrace. Master mixologist Christian Pèpe has created many signature cocktails for the two bars, many using house-infused spirits.

Click here for the Vesuvio menu.