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Little Napoli, Bistro Italiano


No Luggage. No Passports. No Travel Agents. “All you need is an appetite”

Enjoy a brief trip to Italy with Italian country cooking and warm hospitality as you remember it. Come and experience the culture, cuisine and lively traditions at Pèpe’s Little Napoli, Bistro Italiano.
Rich Pèpe opened Little Napoli in 1990 and it has been considered the icon Italian restaurant on the Monterey Peninsula ever since.  Antipasti, Pizza, Pasta and Risotto are prepared perfectly with the handed down Pèpe family signature recipes.

Viva Little Napoli–Little Napoli is lively as a festa, packing more Italian charm into its cozy quarters than most big city restaurants. Chianti is served by the glass and olive oil is poured into saucers printed with sensible advise such as “non parlare, baciami” (don’t talk, kiss me). All the talking and kissing stops quickly when the generous plates of food arrive at the table. Viva Little Napoli.

– Reprinted quote from Gourmet Magazine

Click here for the Little Napoli Dinner Menu.

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