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Glenn Salva has been responsible for all winegrowing activities for ANTICA NAPA VALLEY, the Antinori Family’s Napa Valley, California wine estate since 2002. Antica Napa Valley, with a perfectly harmonious blend of Tuscan and Californian styles in its DNA. “Antica” is a symbol for Antinori California and represents the realization of a long-standing desire to produce great Antinori Family wines in the Napa Valley. The first wines, a 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2006 Chardonnay, were released last year to rave reviews and high scores. In addition to his Napa Valley responsibilities, Glenn also provides assistance to other Antinori wine

Arrabiata in Italian dialect means angry or enraged, but translates in English to hot and spicy. Our Arrabiata sauce is a perfect on a cold winters day served over spaghetti, or simmer your favorite shellfish in this sauce to create the elegant Fra Diavolo sauce. Joey’s favorite is to sauté some garlic, deglaze it with vodka, add some cream and then simmer together with our Arrabiata sauce, which creates the famous New Jersey Pink Vodka Sauce, served over penne… Fuggetaboutit! All of our sauces are fully prepared and ready to heat and serve over your favorite pasta. We also suggest using

Growing up with Joey Pants was always interesting to say the least. Joey would play “hooky” from school so he could go into Manhattan to take acting classes. We called him Joe Hollywood in those days as he always said he was headed to the West Coast to be in the movies. From playing Guido the Killer Pimp in Risky Business, to Francis Fratelli in The Goonies, to Cypher in The Matrix, to his Emmy Award winning role of Ralphie in the SOPRANOS, Joey has made us all proud. To check out more about Joey, log onto:

Two guys from Jersey, The Story of Pèpe & Pants Back in their childhood days in the 50’s in Hoboken, Richie Pepe and Joey Pantoliano would sit around the kitchen table with their big Italian families. Over a bowl of macaroni, they’d always be trying to figure ways to get rich and “live the American dream” their immigrant grandparents sought when they came to America from Southern Italy.

The Martha Stewart Show Featuring Joey Pantoliano cooking with PÈPE & PANTS Pasta Sauce Cari Amici (Dear Friends), As you all may know, I am always working on a lot of new ideas in my laboratorio (kitchen laboratory). Of course, all of my “brainstorms” are food and wine related, so this newsletter may come as no surprise. Over the years at Little Napoli, my Italian Bistro in Carmel-by-the-Sea, many guests have asked if I could sell or ship our pasta sauces to them. Well, as I’ve always said “it is important to listen to your customers” and recently I am in the act

With guest chef Richard Pèpe of Little Napoli Restaurant and Chef Arturo D. Moscoso of Pèppoli Ciao Amici (hello friends), Our Under the Tuscan Moon dinner series continues at Pèppoli at Pebble Beach this summer on July 24th. For this event I will act as visiting chef as Pèppoli Executive Chef Arturo Moscoso and I will each prepare two original dishes in the four course prix-fix dinner for you to choose from. As most of you know, Pèppoli at Pebble Beach is a Tuscan themed restaurant that was inspired by the Antinori family's Pèppoli Vineyard in Tuscany, that we opened in 2000. The restaurant features

Question: I am a big fan of your "Little Napoli" Restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea and love to spend hours there while staying at the Highlands Inn several times per year. It was at your restaurant that I was introduced to what has now become my favorite wine, Antinori’s Chianti Classico called Pèppoli. My friend and I mentioned to your manager, Jean Hubert, that six of our friends will be traveling throughout Italy in late September and would love to have your suggestions on your favorite places to visit at that time of year. We are thinking of going to Tuscany as we

Served with a sauté of fresh morel mushrooms, black cherries, spring fava beans and sun dried cherry merlot infusion Vineyard worker can result in the owner ship of a winery twenty years later. But unless our parents provide us with a very particular upbringing, we grow up thinking that wine isn't wine unless it has the name of the grape on the front of the label. America and its wine lovers have a varietal bias. There's nothing inherently wrong with an attraction to wines made from a single grape variety

If consumers say they want more healthful menu options but don’t often order those better-for-you foods, what’s a foodservice operator to do? No question is likely to be more pressing yet more difficult to easily answer this year, and will continue to be so until consumers’ expressed desires wine isn't wine unless it has the name of the grape on the front of the label. America and its wine lovers have a varietal bias. There's nothing inherently wrong with an attraction to wines made from a single grape variety