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Question: I am a big fan of your "Little Napoli" Restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea and love to spend hours there while staying at the Highlands Inn several times per year. It was at your restaurant that I was introduced to what has now become my favorite wine, Antinori’s Chianti Classico called Pèppoli. My friend and I mentioned to your manager, Jean Hubert, that six of our friends will be traveling throughout Italy in late September and would love to have your suggestions on your favorite places to visit at that time of year. We are thinking of going to Tuscany as we

Q. I just returned from a wonderful trip to Italy and ate and drank like a KING. Amazingly, I lost some weight over there and look and feel great. Did I just experience the so-called “Mediterranean Diet”? Doug McCall Newport Beach, California ANSWER: A. Over the years I have accompanied hundreds of Americans on my group tours to Italy. One of the first things visitors notice is that Italy seems to be a food and wine lover’s paradise – where bold flavors and freshness abound, and where expectations are rarely disappointed. However, it is ironic that given the quality and quantity of incredible food

Q. Could you please tell me where spaghetti and meatballs came from? As far as I can tell, it doesn't exist anywhere in Italy and none of the Italians I've met have even heard of it -- at least in the north, I've heard Italian-Americans swear that it is a family recipe going back to Italy. Maybe it was a legitimate recipe in the south of Italy in the early 1900's and got phased out of the popular cuisine between now and then in Italy while it continued here? I thought maybe you would have the answer.