Charities & Donations


“Think positive and go out and do something good everyday”
– Rich Pèpe

The Pèpe family knows that every person has the ability to make a difference. The smallest act of kindness and every contribution to a good cause can make a world of difference. A fundamental element of the Pèpe family is giving back to the community and those in need. Below are the organizations that the Pèpe family helps support and hopes that you will decide to join in on these causes also.



Carmel Mission Foundation
The Carmel Mission Foundation, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization formed to fund the restoration and preservation of the historic properties and artifacts of the Carmel Mission (Mission San Carlos Borroméo del Rio Carmelo) in Carmel, California.
The Carmel Mission was established in 1771 by Junipero Serra and is both a State and National Historic Landmark. It was the Headquarters for the California Mission System consisting of 21 missions.

To learn more about how you can help with this restoration project, please visit:



Robert F. Kennedy boldly faced tough problems and challenged the comfortable and complacent. To keep his vision alive, his family and friends founded a living memorial in 1968. The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is dedicated to advancing the human rights movement through providing innovative support to courageous human rights defenders around the world who have won the RFK Human Rights Award.

To learn more and help support our cause, please visit:



Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford provides world-class pediatric health care in the heart of Silicon Valley. Through medical research and training, we’re raising the level of care available to all children – locally, nationally, and globally.

To learn more and help support our cause, please visit:



No Kidding, Me Too! is an organization whose purpose is to remove the stigma attached to brain dis-ease through education and the breaking down of societal barriers. Our goal is to empower those with brain dis-ease to admit their illness, seek treatment, and become even greater members of society.

To learn more and help support our cause, please visit:



The Global Foundation for Children With Hearing Loss aims to make a direct and lasting impact on the futures of thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing children around the world by providing them with access to the technology, education, and resources they need to become contributing members of society.

To learn more and help support our cause, please visit:



To Request a Donation for your organization,
please use the following guidelines:


  • The Pèpe Family will make GIFT CARD donations for use at Little Napoli and Vesuvio Restaurants to non-profit groups for fundraising purposes only.
  • All GIFT CARD donations must be auctioned off to raise money for your organization.
  • We do not make cash donations.
  • We do not donate food products for off-site consumption due to insurance reasons.
  • We do not donate wine or alcoholic beverages for liability and insurance reasons.
  • Donation requests are not handled over the phone or in person.
  • Please make your donation request on organization letterhead, at least one month prior to your event. Please state how your organization will list the Pèpe Family donation on your website, brochure or via your organizations newsletter.

Please submit donation requests to:

Pèpe International, Inc.
Attn: Crystal Murphy, Hospitality Director
PO Box 901
Carmel, CA

Note: Letters can be attached via email and sent to: